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Centrum Wallet RFID | Slim | Walnut Wood from $60 $85
Description Introducing our minimalist and slim RFID wallet, expertly crafted from premium walnut wood grain. Tailor your experience by selecting either a cash clip or a cash strap, and enjoy the added convenience of an AirTag holder. With customization options designed to suit your needs, this wallet is created to adapt to any situation.Every wallet includes extra screws and a wrench, ensuring your wallet remains in top-notch condition. Plus, it's backed by our exclusive warranty, providing you with peace of mind.What truly sets this wallet apart is its natural look and feel, making it a standout choice that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. Upgrade your carry with this distinctive and versatile accessory today. Features and Specifications Slim Wallet in real Walnut Wood  High-Performance RFID Wallet resists data intrusion Keeps your privacy safe and money secured Slim enough for front or back pocket carry Available with permanent cash clip or cash strap  Comes with AirTag Holder Wrench and an extra set of screws included Unique center push wallet for convenient access to cards Specifications DIMENSIONS 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.2 in - Same Size As A Credit Card STORAGE Fits 1 - 16 Credit Cards Plus 20+ Folded Bills RFID SPECS Blocks RFID Protecting Cards from Skimmers WEIGHT 4 Ounces
Payment Options Afterpay American Express Apple Pay Bitcoin Dankort Diners Club